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A third generation rug making studio
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The Heirloom collection 23'

Our latest collection ironically features the past. Timeless pieces that define our heritage form this collection of masterfully crafted one-of-a-kind traditional rugs. No, they are not vintage. They are interpretations of designs that have been passed on for the second time in our generational progression. Come take a look!

The Heirloom collection 23'

Cultural interpretations handcrafted in Jaipur


Contemporary Suave

Our 2020 contemporary collection has been evolving to test the limitations of weaving capabilities and our craftsmen have delivered a collection that supersedes our expectations. We are delight to share our catalogue on demand only, for the first time. Click on the link below to request a catalogue.

Custom rugs

Our bespoke rug service is driven to deliver the sense of esteem that rugs were once associated with. We celebrate the personalised nature of our craft with our clients as steer to weave their imagination into timeless pieces.

Imagining together

Interpreting your ideas

Custom Service Flyers2023-04.png

Curating together

We help you translate your ideas

Custom Service Flyers2023-05.png

Adding identity

Each rug has your personal label

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