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We are proud to introduce our custom rug service in London!

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Space + Mood

In our first meeting, ideally in the space of application discuss your ideas and spatial requirements which includes measuring areas and constructing a tailored brief for the rug. This helps us select suitable techniques and a catalogue of existing rugs to add to your inspiration. We also vet the time available and budgets in this stage.


Ideas + Iterations

We traditionally like to meet in person, however in this stage we also send across our drawings and iterations with suitable material choices from our vast library based on the feel you require the rugs to deliver when placed in your space. Our technique embraces the age old craft of rug making where we use coloured pencils on paper to make these iterations for your selection. These are original handmade paintings that document the process of making a personalised rug and we send them to you in hope that they will make for great pieces of decor in your home.


Design Sheets

This step marks the end of the first stage of developing an idea into a rug design. We send design sheets made by skilled craftsmen in a digital format to reduce our footprint. We seek your approval on the design sheets to then send them in for quality sampling.



For every design that we develop for you, we maintain high quality control which is enabled by quality samples. These are more like square cutouts of the overall design, usually 1 x 1 ft swatches. In addition we also develop a custom colour box which again can be used as an item of decor in your house. Each rug has its own colour palette which is unique to our clients so we request for you to name the palette and make it uniquely yours!


Handcrafting the rugs

This is where our efforts together come to life. We assign the designs to speciality craftspersons who are masters of their technique. Each rug has textural properties which can only be attained if the right weaver is assigned to make it. Our rich network among weavers in rural India makes it possible for us to do so! Over 150 pairs of hands are involved in this process of making your rug in a time span of 20-30 weeks depending on the size and techniques involved.


Packaging and Door Delivery

We document everything! Moreover, we celebrate the personalised nature of bespoke rug-making by adding a touch of uniqueness to your rugs. A label is attached on the rear of every rug which accounts for all the important information about the construction of your rug. Once labelled, your rugs are packed and shipped to your address anywhere in the world.


Get in Touch

For quotes and enquiries write to us on or call us on 

+44 7435842029

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